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How Hidden Gnome Farms got it's name.....


The gnome on your left entered our lives in the early 2000's.  He was bought in Seal Beach, CA by close friends.  Over the years, he has gone back and forth between our two families.   We made a rule that he had to show up to each family in a different way each time and could not arrive the same way.  Throughout the years, he has made his appearance in luggage, cars, beds, the refrigerator, kitchen cabinet, in the shower, has flown by FedEx and USPS, and grew a mustache on Cinco de Mayo.  These are just a few ways he has surprised us.  He has traveled to many states, gone on vacations, been to a wedding, baby shower, birth, and been part of the house buying process as well as multiple moves.  He has watched all our children growing up and watched us as we get older.  To this day, our families are still close and we still carry the tradition of hiding the gnome.  Somehow, we have never given him a name after all these years.  He's just always been "The Gnome."

And that's how the farm got it's name!

Our Vision

At Hidden Gnome Farms, we are a family owned and family run farm.  We work hard to provide our customers with an array of healthy outdoor plants that will enhance their flowerbeds and flowerpots. Each year we plan to have a unique selection in our nursery and also provide you with fruits grown on our farm.

Gardening Ideas & Tips
Exotic Potted Plants

​Gardening 101


For the pot in pot method, you dig a hole, place a pot in the hole, and then place a smaller pot that contains the plant into the grounded pot.  You want to be sure that the rim of your pots is ground level, so when it rains water isn't trapped in your pots, but instead can run off.  This allows you to change out your flowers easily each season and also gives you quick access to your soft perennials when temperatures get near freezing.  You can bring your soft perennials inside during harsh temperatures and easily put them back outside once temperatures warm up.

Plant Delivery_2

Plants to the Rescue


Do you have areas in your lawn where the grass keeps dying no matter what you do?  You can solve those areas by planting perennial ground cover or adding a flowerbed design to that area of your lawn.

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